Track: Dream Sequence

In May I started working on a track based around a sample I took from HBO’s Westworld, which between questioning the nature of your reality dilemmas, naked cyborgs and all kinds of awesomeness is a personal favorite of mine… There was a question:
“Do you know where you are”
…and an answer:
“You are in a dream”
I have been working on musical answering phrases for quite a bit when writing hooks and riffs, basically having one sound “answer” another, so this Q&A from the show sort of immediately jumped at me as something that would be cool to experiment with. I put the sample through some stereo echoes and immediately thought it sounded cool. Over the next week or so I jammed live around this sample mainly with my String Pads on my Nord Lead 2, backed by my Roland TR8 on drums, bassline from the Moog Sub 37 and before long there was a track there.

The final track is available as a high quality download by clicking here

Scrolling down is a clip taken from my Instagram in May 2018 that shows the progress of this track on day 6 of my sessions. I continued to tweak it for a few months but most every sound is taken from recordings of my live jams.


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Dream Sequence | day 6

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